We have been developing our training environment since purchasing our farm. We have had Border Collies and sheep longer than our farm so everything we have done on the farm has been with training in mind. Our facility has been a work in progress but is getting to the point where we can bring in a dog at any level of training and set up the type of situation that dog needs to learn and move forward in it's training process.
We have a 52 foot solid sided round pen we built for starting horses. We have been using it for the dogs too and found it to be a magical environment for the young dogs.
We liked using the round pen so much with the younger dogs that we built a 62 foot version with tube gates that is large enough to further a dog's training past the initial stages accomplished in the 52 foot pen.
Our main training lot is 120' x 90' and has rounded corners. It has a secure enough fence to work anything from cattle to ducks. This area has holding pens and a sorting area along one side.
Just beyond the main training lot is a larger field that has just the right contour to teach a dog a nice outrun. It is about 150 yards by 75 yards. It has allot of open area for the dog to follow along with the sheep and have room to cast out and cover them when needed. A very nice drive can be started in this field as well. There is even a blind spot you can put the sheep in to send the dog out to find sheep.
Off of the other side of the holding pen area is another nice smaller lot that is big enough for teaching outruns and has a blind spot on each end for placing sheep. There are even a few trees for the dog to negotiate in this lot. This lot is about 90 feet wide and 220 feet long.
When a dog is ready to graduate to big field work we have many larger pastures with nice contours and obstacles for the dog to learn to negotiate on his outrun and fetch. We can set up easier long outruns or outruns of any length and difficulty you might want to widen your dog's experience.
Along with the different types of fields and lots, we can provide different levels of stock to work as well as different species from sheep and ducks to calves.